Types of Air Conditioners

Explore our range of advanced air conditioning systems designed to meet your cooling needs:

Split System Air Conditioners

Enjoy quiet operation, exact temperature control, and energy-saving features with split system air conditioners, perfect for individual rooms or smaller spaces.

Ducted Air Conditioning

These systems provide centralized cooling for larger homes or commercial buildings, with customizable zoning for maximum efficiency.

Single-Speed Systems

Enjoy reliable and efficient cooling at the touch of a button. Single-speed systems are easy to use and offer consistent performance all year round.

Variable-Speed Systems

Variable-speed air conditioning systems adjust compressor speed and airflow so you can maintain a set temperature and optimize energy efficiency.

Two-Speed Systems

Choose between low-speed mode for quiet and energy-efficient cooling or high-speed mode for fast cooling on hot summer days.

Portable Air Conditioners

Need a cooling solution on the go? Enjoy the convenience of easy-to-install and move air conditioners, ideal for apartments, offices, or temporary spaces.


Find HVAC Experts for Air Conditioning Systems

Whether you’re installing a new air conditioner or maintaining an existing central air conditioning system, trusting certified HVAC technicians can give you peace of mind that it’s being done safely and efficiently.

Enjoy the convenience of two-hour window appointments or same-day emergency services for breakdowns with Air Power Flow in Hoffman Estates. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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